How do I get my book published?

If you aspire to be an author, a great place to start looking for information is your local library, there you’ll find a lots of information on writers groups and plenty of informative books on writing and the publishing process.

An insight into understanding how the publishing industry works will help you appreciate the dynamics of the business and how a book gets from concept to bookshelf. Taking into account the way the business works and being thoughtful about your audience and the needs of the market, will certainly help your book get noticed.

Getting an agent

Our company policy is to not accept unsolicited manuscripts or synopses and we cannot enter into correspondence about unpublished work but we do have a recommended agent that we work with. Contact Toni Tingle by email, for further help and information.

Alternatively, when you feel your work is ready for publishing, you can try to get a literary agent. Agents can objectively advise you on your work and will know the most suitable publisher to take it to, not to mention fighting for the best deal on your behalf. A comprehensive listing of UK literary agents can be found in the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, published annually by A & C Black.

Deciding to self-publish

You can contact a professional author services business such as Mereo Books which provides fee-based assistance to self-publishing writers. Their key services include:

Pre-publication editing
Publication and production
Marketing and Publicity
International Print and Digital Distribution

Their website is