Fiercely independent, Marguerite Sinclair has the opportunity of a
lifetime to become a nurse and contribute to the war effort in France.
Meanwhile Rick who has loved her from the first moment he saw
her asks her to marry him before being shipped off to the war front.

Despite their distance, he pursues her in a romantic cross-country
courtship. She refuses him but soon after begins to realise how strong her
feelings for him are in his absence.

They manage a few brief meetings during the next two years when
Rick has leave, in the meantime, he somehow manages to survive the
carnage of world war one unscathed.

Unfortunately, Marguerite doesn’t and has a fall on an icy path
breaking her wrist and becoming very ill as a result. All her plans are
shattered, and she is sent home from the war along with three wounded
soldiers to recover.

Once recovered she is offered a position nursing the war wounded
in Scotland and eventually meets up again with Rick who persuades her
to marry him.

They end up living in a wing of Silverbeck Hall which they make
their home and celebrate the end of the war with all the estates tenants
and old friend Lord Hanley, the estate owner.

“The author has managed to touch on all emotions in Love Has No Borders,
despair, loss, heartbreak and love. Highly recommend this is a wonderful story and you won’t be disappointed, I wasn’t.”