When seventeen-year-old Marie Sinclair travelled to Strathlinn in Scotland in
1920 to visit her brother and his new family, all she was looking for is rest and
recuperation after the death of Lady Hanley, for whom she had been caring for
over the past eighteen months. But when her pregnant sister-in-law is rushed to
hospital in danger of the life of her and her twins, Marie is forced to take on a
far greater role in the lives of her Scottish family.

And who is Mark Blackford, the new, young Estate owner, who seems only
interested in machines and who is struggling under the new responsibilities of
running the estate and gathering rent from tenants who are not always inclined
to pay? Meeting him on the train to Strathlinn, Marie’s life becomes entwined
with his, as friend, help-meet, and, maybe, something more?

Full of complex, loveable characters, and poised at a moment when the world
is changing in new and dramatic ways, A Scottish Destiny is a beautiful novel
which explores how, in a world turned upside down, the things that bind us
continue to do so – family, responsibility and, though Marie dare not whisper
it to herself, love.

From the author of Return to Bonnybrae, this is another gripping tale of love in
a heart-warming climate