Romaunce Books featured in Romantic Novelists Association Newsletter

Independent publishing house Mereo Books has announced a new imprint dedicated to the romantic novelist – Romaunce Books – and is giving RNA members an exclusive pre launch opportunity to become part of this exciting new team.

Romaunce – the Middle English spelling of romance, pronounced to rhyme with ‘dance’ – has been created to republish good-quality romantic novels which are out of print, while also giving talented authors a break by publishing new books deserving of a chance of

“If you’re a published author who’s had success but find your books relegated to the bottom of your publisher’s list, we want to hear from you,” said Mereo Publisher, Tony
Tingle. “Likewise if you’ve genuine talent and are struggling to get a conventional publishing deal for your book, we want you to get in touch with us. We’re happy to look at promising books, either modern or historical romance, which deserve to be published and be given the chance of selling well.”

‘We’re happy to look at promising books, either modern or historical romance, which deserve to be published and be given the chance of selling” says Tony Tingle MD of Mereo Books